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Ankersmid M&C is a company that specializes in providing analysis solutions for gases, liquids and solids. Our company has been a distributor of internationally renowned brands of analysis equipment for various applications for decades.

Our partners include:

Gas: Ankersmid Sampling, Neo Monitors, Protea, Eco Physics, Testa, Fuji Electric, Envea GmbH (Mercury Instruments),, Anseros, Dr. Födisch, Oizom, Kemtrak,…

Water/liquids: Horiba Tocadero, Strathkelvin Instruments, Thermo Scientific, Anseros, Envea GmbH (Mercury Instruments), Kemtrak, Liquids Solids Control, Marimex, Sensmet,…

Solids: Liebherr, Marimex,…



Mobile Sales Representative

You are the team player and excel in conducting advice and negotiation conversations with customers, maintaining long-term relationships with (existing) customers, generating new leads, keeping up with technological developments and drawing up your own sales plan.

You already have experience in B2B sales. In addition, you are result and customer-oriented, communicative and proactive.

We offer an independent, challenging position with plenty of room for own initiative in a professional working atmosphere. Given the excellent financial position of the organization, there are excellent primary and secondary terms of employment and opportunities to follow professional training courses.

Ankersmid M&C is a renowned supplier of online and lab analysis solutions for a wide range of applications. It is a dynamic, modern and fast-growing company that is very successful and offers ambitious employees plenty of opportunities.

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