Masterclasses IoT Predictive Maintenance

10u00 – 11u30: Workshop Turnkey IoT for Predictive Maintenance, Plan your digital transformation in weeks – not months – Asset Performance 4.0

Many companies still use time-based maintenance and therefore, frequently run into unplanned downtime leading to production losses, rework, lower throughput, missed delivery dates and several other issues. By looking ahead, and knowing what failure is likely to occur, these issues can be avoided and repairs can be performed before the asset fails. However, starting a long predictive maintenance initiative and a digital transformation journey typically requires a lot of effort and development, which will not trigger the appetite within the company.

This workshop is aiming to show how companies can achieve a faster transformation and adaptation of predictive maintenance solutions by using accelerators with predefined secure by design solution architectures. We will explain practical use cases and give a live demonstration of one of our accelerators.

Learning objectives
During this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How can accelerators help to get faster and more value from digital investments
  • How can companies optimize their processes, make data-driven decisions in real time, and deploy new business models in a time-efficient manner
  • Why do companies need to adapt their business models, how can they quickly adjust to new market realities and capture new opportunities

Part 1: interactive sessions that provide insights in the “how” , “why” and “why now” of smart maintenance

  • Drivers of smart maintenance
  • Evolution in needs and capabilities
  • Practical examples

Part 2: Turnkey session

  • Accelerators of smart manufacturing
  • Live connected machines
  • Work session on turnkey solutions

Maintenance in the Smart Factory

  • What is a Smart Factory?
  • How does it help to overcome increasing complexity and flexibility challenges and enable lean optimization on a new level?

From preventive to predictive maintenance

  • The milestones of the smart maintenance evolution
  • How does predictive maintenance work? What are digital twins and how can they help to improve the quality of maintenance?

Our Turnkey for predictive maintenance

  • Why is there need for predictive maintenance
  • The journey in predictive maintenance (from asset monitoring up to smart predictive maintenance)
  • The detailed IoT turnkey solution stack for smart predictive maintenance (reference architecture, edge computing and technical components)
  • Demo of the IoT turnkey solution (an out of the box live demo on a motor)
  • How we use the Turnkey solutions at clients to deliver a pilot at clients in 8 to 12 weeks instead of months

Example use cases from customers

  • Predictive maintenance of filling valves at a bottling company
  • Predictive maintenance at a chemical company

Conclusion, Q&A

The main goal is to inspire people with use cases of preventive maintenance and the value that comes along with connectivity.

Furthermore we want to show people that it doesn’t take long to get started when using accelerators. You can already achieve results in 12 months.

During the live demo, people can ask questions on the turnkey solutions.

This workshop takes place during the easyFairs Maintenance Expo.

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Thursday 24/03/2022 – 10:00
Thursday 24/03/2022 – 11:30
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