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Strong growth in industrial automation is expected worldwide in the coming years; concepts such as Industry 4.0 and digitization are a reality, a reality in which SICK as a leading global player has – for 75 years – played a pioneering role. SICK Belgium is among the top 10 in automation, was nominated as Trends Gazelle for 5 years in a row and is more than ever ready for the latest evolutions. SICK creates innovative sensors and sensor solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. In both industrial automation and process automation, we are recognised as a very solid expert. Some more figures underline our position: 10000 employees worldwide, 1.9 billion turnover and 10% turnover reinvested in R&D annually. In Belgium, since the start in 1987, we have realised 31 million in turnover with 58 driven people.
During M+R, you can contact us for concrete applications in both the process industry (continuous emission measurements, process measurement, gas flow measurement) and in the world of instrumentation (pressure, temperature and level measurements).




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